email:  capogw@gmail.com

AGENT:  The Gersh Agency -Barbara Halperin – Phone 310-274-6611

Gary Capo began his film career photographing, editing, directing and producing high energy sports and lifestyle films about surfing, windsurfing, skiing, sailing and off road racing.  Capo soon made the move into narrative films, commercials and television.   He has served as Director of Photography on both main units and 2nd units.  Having photographed motion picture, television and commercial productions of every scale, from mega budget to small independent projects.  He has also served as Director as well as Director of Photography on many big budget 2nd units, he has also directed many hours of episodic television.   He photographed and directed the 2nd units for 2 films that were nominated for Academy Awards for Cinematography, Carroll Ballard’s “FLY AWAY HOME” and Terrence Malick’s “THE THIN RED LINE”.

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